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About us

Denuo Intelligent Kitchen & Bathroom Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 13 years experience of manufacturing and exporting granite sink, we have our own professional R&D team which can design customized products according to customers' needs, several advanced production lines and quality testing equipment, We are continually introducing advanced technology and management measures all over the world, We are leading an idea of "Natural, Health and Green life", Relying on high quality, satisfactory after-sales service and strong integration system, all of our products sell well in all over the world, ODM, OEM and other kinds of cooperation are welcomed.

Denuo is also the first manufacturer in the same industry in China to set up a professional brand operation center and customer service center. It is customer-oriented and committed to creating healthy, environmentally-friendly and high-quality products. Through international and domestic authoritative quality certification, the products sell well all over the world. Denuo, you deserve having it.



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