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Granite Sink Advantages

As a professional manufacturer, granite sink supplier--DENUO, we have more than over 10 years experience in this field, and develop many different moulds shape and size, using environmental protection food grade material, specially below advantages service for all of our customers.

1. We are unique supplier in China which can make granite sink with saturated resin material

2. No any smelly odor in workshop, it is different with other supplier totally.

3.  Make sure the product can be shipping on time, because of special production technology, no any delay in delivery due to bad weather

4. Anti-scratch, acid and alkali resistance, good stain resistance, easy to clean.

5. High temperature resistance, no fading and penetration.

6. It is environmental and healthy, acquired FDA and ROHS certificates.

7. High hardness, it is only slightly lower than diamond, tougher than all the ironware in the kitchen even screwdriver



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