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Quartz Stone Sink Test for Zhuoyue Xingcheng Project Bidding​

The demand for quartz stone sink has grown speedly in recent years. before 2015, there were about 5 enterprises with a daily production 200~500pcs, and now there are so many small workshops with daily output 40~60pcs, product quality is uneven, also it is big different price.

The Guangzhou Zhuoyue Xingcheng project started in March 2018. we are one supplier of it, we hope that we may get good cooperation with them, till now, the bidding suppliers were notified to send samples for quality testing, soaking test with 100 degree boiling water and tea test are good day to distinguish the supplier who is good or bad, the results after 24H as follows:

Denuo quartz stone sink test picture:

After 24H Denuo Sink as below:

After 24H other supplier's sink as below:



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